Agen Bola 24 Jam Casoino Gaming and Grand Casino sign new content deal

Continuing with Agen Bola Terpercaya commitment to expanding within new markets, Betsoft Gaming has signed a new content agreement with Grand Casino, a new online casino gaming operator. The new long-term agreement will see the Hungarian operator integrating all of the Agen Bola AAMS-certified games from Betsoft within their platform.

Grand Casino is a new online operator, sharing the same name as a land-based casino in Hungary, the Grand Casino Debrecen, both operating under the same parent company. The reputation of the land-based facility helped Grand Casino to become accredited to enter the online industry, since the online market of Hungary is strictly regulated. There are extreme barriers in place for new applicants into the market of which the Grand Agen Bola Casino was able to surpass.

Grand Agen Bola Casino is now one of two online operators offering gaming services to Agen Bola in Hungary. In a press release, Shanta Segabon, the Chief Marketing Officer of Grand Casino, stated: “We have a cast-iron commitment to creating the best possible player Agen Bola journey, through continuous product innovation. As Agen Bola early entrants to a new market, our success will be determined by two factors: how well we satisfy and retain players, and our ability to partner with first class content providers like Betsoft.”

With the new agreement, the Agen Bola casino will integrate online slot games from the Agen Bola collection and will integrate more AAMS-certified Betsoft games as they are released by the software company, continuing to provide new content within the Hungarian market.

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